Making Votes Count

We are identifying legislators who will vote “yes”, “no” and “maybe” on a regulatory bill and then determine which ones will be the focus of our educational efforts.


We have a web presence to raise funds and will be hosting state-wide sessions with stakeholders to raise funds for the PAC.

Grassroots Organizing

We strive to work with everyone involved in the Cannabis Community to form a unified voice with common goals that can be presented to Legislators and Government Officials.

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More College Students Use Marijuana Daily, Study Finds

College students in the U.S. are now more likely to smoke marijuana on a daily basis than cigarettes, as pot-smoking rates continue to climb, … …read more

Majority of Californians Ready

Majority of Californians ready to legalize marijuana, new poll confirms From the NORML Newsletter Armentano said, “Moving this issue forward in California in 2016 will require support from those voters who are, and voters who are not, personally familiar with cannabis. Reaching out to these latter voters will be critical. Previous campaigns in Colorado, Washington, […]

Recreational Cannabis Regulated?

Here’s how recreational pot could be regulated in California Original Article posted on the San Francisco Business Times Allen Young Staff Writer- Sacramento Business Journal Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom released a policy primer that outlines how recreational marijuana could be regulated after it is legalized. Newsom, a blunt advocate for legal pot, opened an exploratory […]

Cannabis Industry Hosts 2 Day Taxation Excursion

What was this Excursion About? Welcome to a historic event: this was the first time that state-wide, elected officials in California, have toured the cannabis farms and production facilities of Humboldt County. This event was arranged by California Cannabis Voice and its flagship Chapter, California Cannabis Voice-Humboldt, an organization dedicated to the development of rational […]

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